Turn Thrift Store Finds Into Beautiful Farmhouse Decor In Minutes!

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Creating a farmhouse style home you love does not have to break the bank if you just get creative and do it yourself! You might be thinking, "Megan, I don't have time for that!" I get it, I am busy too! Trust me- farmhouse style (also referred to as "rustic") is one of the most affordable and easiest styles to achieve. 

One of the best places to get started is at your local thrift store! You can find so many items that can be DIYed to make the most beautiful decor. I put together a small list of items you can find at the thrift store to make decor in minutes! I must warn you though that this can get very addicting! You may find yourself looking at others junk completely different!

Let's get started with this round-up. If you decide to try any of these ideas please come back and share it with me! 


1. Old Cake Pans or Platters

Upcycled Cake Pans To Make A Three Tier Tray

Three-tiered stands are the perfect fit for complimenting your farmhouse style kitchen or dining room. They are great for holding your fruits or as a table centerpiece with candles or small block signs.In another blog post, I will show you all the ways you can use a three-tier tray like this one throughout your home. For now, let's talk about what to look for at the thrift store to complete this project. 

You can use just about any tray or pan as long as you have three different sizes; large for the bottom, medium for the middle, and small for the top. I recommend old cake pans! Bet you never thought of that, did you?  You will also need something in the middle to hold them together. I recommend candlestick holders or a leg to an old chair!

Other thrift store ideas to create a three-tiered tray: 

- Old picture frames

- Stove burner covers

- Old Metal Tins

- Cutting Boards

-Lids from Popcorn Tins

To see how to assemble this idea view the tutorial here. 

Thank you Our Crafty Mom for this wonderful idea! 


2. Metal Wire Baskets

Farmhouse Style Metal Basket


I love wired baskets! You could have one in your bathroom holding linens and toilet paper but there are so many more options!

Sometimes these can be a little tricky to find in the exact colors that you want- nothing a little spray paint can't fix! In my experience, Rustoleum's chalk spray paint is durable and only needs about two coats to get the job done. 


3. Old Ladders

Rustic Ladder Photo Holder

I love ladders! They are great for displaying family photos, hanging blankets or linens, potted flowers, and so much more! You could keep the rustic wood look or use Annie Sloan chalked paint to give it a rustic weathered look. Annie Sloan's website has amazing techniques and tips to achieve a weathered and chippy look. 

4. Salter and Pepper Shaker Vases

 Salt and Pepper Shaker Vases

Honestly, this idea is genius! Salt and pepper shakers are a dime a dozen at any thrift store or even the dollar store! Give them a couple of coats of spray paint, add jute rope to the top, throw in a little bit of greenery and voila! 

Here's a quick hack on how to get the distressed look like in the photo above. Do your first layer of spray paint in either black or brown. Allow it to dry completely before adding your top coat. Your top coat should be a lighter color such as white, light grey, or light blue. Once the shakers are dry take a piece of sandpaper and scuff where ever you want distressing. 

Thank you Average But Inspired for this wonderful idea!

5. Mason Jars

Upcycled Mason Jar Decor

 Mason jars can be used for a million things! Okay, I might be over exaggerating but seriously you can use mason jars for so many things. In the picture of above the creator used mason jars to make rustic vases. 

Hang tight because we will be bringing you a full list of ideas for mason jars. Don't want to miss it? Get Notified Here

6. Cheese Graters

Upcycled Cheese Grater

This idea is brilliant and I love the vintage touch this could bring to your farmhouse style bathroom or kitchen. 

In the photo above the creator is showing how an old cheese grater can be used as a hand towel holder. You could also take this to your kitchen and hang a kitchen towel on the bottom and put your utensils in the top! How cool is that? 

Affordable, easy, and rustic- PERFECTION! 

If you don't like the metal look you could always spray paint it and give it a new modern look too! So many options with this one!

7. Vintage Bicycle 

Upcycled Bicycle Displayed On Porch Surrounded by Flowers

If you come across an old vintage bicycle you could create a porch display like the one above! Your porch would be the talk of the town :) 

Thank you Sarah Joy Blog for this sweet idea!

8. Glass Vases

 Thrift stores always have an abundance of glass vases for as little as $0.50 each! They can be used for so many different things throughout your entire home! You can create a display just like this one in as little as five minutes with some jute rope and greenery! 

9. Old Books

 Vintage Books In a Rustic Box Tray

 Photo credit to Sarah Joy Blog 

 Old vintage books that are worn and discolored may seem like they should belong only in the trash. That couldn't be further from the truth! Vintage books make for a classy and rustic decor piece in any room. The creator shows them here wrapped in jute rope and placed in an old crate but you could also stack them on a stand in your entryway, on a mantel, or on your bedside table. 

You may not even have to go to the thrift store may be your family members have some kicking around!


That's it for today's thrift store roundup! I hope this post has inspired you to get going with creating your own inexpensive farmhouse decor. Like I said above, don't be afraid to come back and share with us what you created :) 

 Photo credit to Sarah Joy Blog 

* This post contains links to other sites- I am not affiliated and do not receive any compensation from any sites in this post. 

* This content is curated from ideas all over the web. I try hard to credit each source but may not be able to find it's original creator. If you see your work, please contact us so we can credit you on our post. 





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