Questions We Get A Lot (answered)

Q- What type of wood do you use?

A- We make our signs of solid hardwood. We typically use poplar but do take requests.

Q- Can I have my sign customized?

A- Absolutely, we will work with you to create what you want.

Q- When should I receive my order?

A- Standard processing time is two to three weeks, before shipment. Custom orders may take longer. We can expedite your order (additional cost).

Q- Is there a warranty on my sign?

A- All our signs come with a lifetime guaranty. If you email us a photo of the damaged item, we will replace it free of charge.

Q- Can I hang my sign outside?

A- We seal all our signs for outdoor use. We recommend that you bring it inside during harsh weather.

Q- Is my sign ready to hang when I get it?

A- Yes, all our signs have a saw tooth bracket applied or may hang from twine or steel wire. Let us know if you have a preferred method.